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FREE Template: Father's Day Cards

I know this is a little late (day of, hello.) But, I was frantically searching for a cute free card online for my father's day gifts and couldn't find a thing! Of course that will never do, so I made these and thought I might as well share....use them today, or archive for next year :)

{These are really simple, really quick, print and fold cards. 8.5 x 11, folded in fours. No cutting needed--just like the good old days of PrintMaster. Haha.}

Download Here!


UNYKA said...

Thank you!! Your blog is so relaxing and so beautiful! Thank you again, for to share your work and time with anyone who arrives to your blog! I downloaded the templates and I really hope to do it by myself. They will be for the first time I open my home doors after many many time. Sorry my english, is not my language, and a big thank you again from Argentina. UNYKA

talha said...

Its simple but having a great idea on it,try same card with dark shades combination.

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