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Template Tuesday: Place cards!

I am in the "host a dinner party every night" kind of mood. As such, I thought I would share some lovely place cards that I have made for our FREE Template Tuesday!

Just download the template here, open in Word, edit the names, print, cut, fold. Fantastic.

Each sheet makes 6 place cards with lovely golden swallows and steel blue calligraphy. I am somewhat obsessing over this font (and if you haven't already downloaded it from Luzel's blog, visit www.fonts101.com and search Albemarle Swash. {for some reason, I cannot link it}

So, let's have a party! I'll bring dessert.

resource: {how to install a font}


birthday girl said...

these are gorgeous! i want them, but i can't seem to find the font. help? i'm probably way too late, right?

Candis Ellis said...

Looks like the link to the font changed...I have updated it :)

Suzanne said...

I'm having trouble finding the font on Luzel's blog. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Candis Ellis said...

I am not sure why that link keeps getting broken...but if you visit www.fonts101.com and search for Albemarle Swash, you will find it :)


try this link:


Kaylee DeGrace said...

I can't seem to download the template! It says file not found.

Madyuki said...

I also can't download the template - please help! These look perfect for our wedding!

Wanderer said...

Won't download for me, either. :(