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Free Template Tuesday: Holiday Labels

Happy Tuesday! It snowed here today...nothing makes me feel more "Christmas-y" than a fresh blanket of snow :) Just kidding, it has already melted.

Our template this week is so fun! Holiday wrapping labels - I use them on almost any size box, I just wrap a cute ribbon around and use these labels to seal it. Super easy and super cute. I use Avery labels because they are easy to find and inexpensive.

So, here is the template to download.
And here is the font I used.

Just open in Microsoft Word and edit to your heart's desire! You can print them on Avery labels or just on regular cardstock and cut out. It prints 6 to a sheet.

(Avery Compatible Products: 5164, 5264, 5524, 8164, 8254, 8464, 48464, 55164, 58164)

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Christina said...

GORGEOUS! Totally in love. Fantastic work, as always, my friend!

Tone Loc said...

Very cute and great idea.. Thanks.. And I saw those plates at Target tonight and they are SO cute! I pointed them out to my Jake too :)

sewtakeahike said...

Cute! Thank-you so much for posting these! You have a lovely blog!

Miss Piggy said...

Thank you, they are great!

chandra said...

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