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Focus on: Silhouettes

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On to the topic at hand: Silhouettes

I know you probably know this, but I LOVE silhouettes! They just take me back in time, where things seemed a little more simple and meaningful. So far, one of our best viewed products have been the digital silhouettes....basically, you provide a photo, and we do the rest. We send you a totally scalable silhouette that you can make as big or small as you want for only $35! Perfect for wall clings, personal stationary, gift tags, HUGE prints...anything!

So here are some tips on how to take a great photo for your silhouettes:

1. Stand approximately 4 feet away from your subject.
2. Get at eye level with your subject.
3. Try to have the subject stay as still as possible, and no smiles!
4. Get the subject’s entire head and hair in the photograph.

That's it! Send it to art@heirloompaperie.com
Here is a recent silhouette for my dear friend Mary, loved the cute necklace her daughter was wearing!