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$5 Fridays: Make it Vintage! Digital

Okay, I am probably crazy for offering these on $5 Friday, but I am hoping people will see how beautiful these look on screen, and just HAVE to get a canvas :) We shall see.

This week, for only $5, I will turn your photo vintage and send you back the digital file. You can use it as you will :)

If you would like to buy a canvas with this new fantastic piece of art, I will offer them for only $20 for the 8x10 and $30 for the 11x14. That saves $15! (ask for larger sizes, with the same discount, of course.)

I will run the offer until Monday 9:00 AM, and your digital file will be delivered by Monday evening. After placing your order in the shop, (multiple quantities in one order are okay), just email your photos to art@heirloompaperie.com.

Order here!

P.S. Canvases WILL be ready before Christmas!

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